Coming early December 2020

Front Line PHP

Building modern applications
with PHP 8

Front Line PHP
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An ebook on cutting edge tactics in PHP 8, accompanied by videos and practical examples.

Table of contents

Part I
PHP, the Language

  1. PHP today
  2. New versions
  3. PHP's type system
  4. Static analysis
  5. Property promotion
  6. Named arguments
  7. Attributes
  8. Short closures
  9. Working with arrays
  10. Match

Part II
Building With PHP

  1. Object oriented PHP
  2. MVC Frameworks
  3. Dependency Injection
  4. Testing
  5. Style guide

Part III
PHP In Depth

  1. FFI
  2. JIT
  3. Preloading
  4. Internals
  5. Type variance
  6. Async PHP
  7. Event driven development
  8. Functional programming
  9. Cheat Sheet

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